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Now, with an imaging system you can store more than 20,000 pages Of MSDSs per Gigabyte of computer storage space.  That’s four cases of paper. And you can access any of these pages in seconds. No need to get up from your desk to go to the file cabinets to pullout the MSDS that you want to see.


Key Benefits

  • Working with an Image of a MSDS on your screen is easy. You can view the first page or move to any of the other pages of the MSDS. You can zoom in on the text to make reading easier. You can print out a copy, fax it, or email it.

  • If you have a network, the MSDSs can be viewed at any spot throughout the plant. No need to make copies of MSDS, mail them out to the various locations in your plant and then wonder if the MSDSs really were put into the binders. You will save time distributing MSDS and be sure that your people are seeing the most recent version.

  • Getting the MSDS into the system is easy.  Scan the MSDS pages into the system. Then, type in the name of the product and the job is done. You can even add keywords such as eye irritant or flammable liquid so that you can easily find the MSDSs for all products with a particular characteristic.

  • Simply click on the folder name. You can have up to 100 folders.  Then click the desired MSDS and the MSDS appears on your screen.  Each folder can hold 100 MSDSs. You don't have to get up from your desk, find the file folder, go through the folder to find the MSDS, go to the copy machine and then file the MSDS.

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